Jhonny Gaddar

Some of my dearest friends had worked in this film and I was waiting to watch this film for a long time. Shriram Raghavan’s first film, Ek Hasina Thi had impressed me very much. I being from the same institute from which he graduated (Film and Television Institute of India, Pune) I had a chance to look at his diploma film, Seven Column affair. A very well written and executed film again. I had almost become a fan of this director.

Jhony Gaddar is a very well made film. It has a very interesting script and even more interesting making. The film has a really cool stylizing done. All the film departments have worked to make this a beautiful film. This film surely stands separate from the usual run of the mill films from Mumbai film industry. I will not go in to applauding this film as it is surely a good film.

Let me talk about some of the problems I faced while I watched the film. Firstly, the script is filled with surprises in every turn. There are so many shocks that it made me numb to the shocks. After a point of time, I was ready to receive the unexpected and it diluted the impact. The form used to narrate the story is so cool that you are always in look out for next twist and that fails to leave you with something in the end of the film. We can remember that Hitchcock who made suspense thrillers here. He used a slow and composed narrative technique which made his films more haunting and scary. Jhony Gaddar is a sleek film for sure but was it needed to the kind of story being narrated is the question.

There were many logic problems in the script. Many things are left unfinished and it makes the whole story look fake in the end. The film has several murders but no where the police are shown getting alert about these murders. The main culprit leaves finger prints all around the crime spot, a dead body is thrown out of a speeding train, a dead body is found inside a car in a remote place but still there is no move from police to probe in to these matters even in a city like Mumbai! There are many problems like this in script it self.

The music is really cool. The film is nicely packaged; editing leaves you unsatisfied in many places. The lead actor fails to impress you rest of the actors in the film are really good. Cinematography is commendable. Overall it was a good experience watching this film. But I was expecting more from Shriram Raghavan whom I like a lot.

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