Till i Knew it…

The only person whom I hated for a long time in life was him. He had destroyed most romantic days of my life in the past. I suffered for about three years due to the deeds of his. He had not done something great. He had just turned my close friends against me. The friends I trusted as my most precious treasures. But then He was not satisfied with just that but even wanted to turn my parents against me. Of course there he didn’t succeed as they were my parents after all. They trusted me and that was the only hope because of which I could pass that phase of great depression. He haunted me day and night blaming me all around for those things for which I was never to be blamed. I left my home town and started a new life in a new city, Pune. The city which made me what I am today. Film and Television Institute of India was a totally a dream trip to me. But this person somehow kept popping up in my life in conversations with someone or in some other way. He was the first person in my life whom I sincerely hated.

I went abroad for the first time (to Cologne, Germany) as a part of film student’s exchange program about a year back. There I met a yoga teacher from India. He knew this person whom I hated the most. When I came to know this, I hid my expressions from him and didn’t let him know how much I hated him. This guy had again popped up in my life in this way.

My friends eventually came back to me and I was happy. By now our professional lives had taken us physically far anyway. The pudding of our graduation days had this little bitter taste but anyway what good it is to have it all sweet? I have chosen filmmaking as my profession. But the troubled days of my graduation time never left me alone.

This morning when I was checking my e-mails, there was a mail from one of the mailing list to which I subscribe. It gave me the latest from this person whom I hated most. Apparently he now stayed in some city with a sea shore and was suffering by illness from past several months. Now both his kidneys have failed and he was in deep trouble.

He was after all the person who made my life miserable. But as I read that mail I had tears in my eyes. Life some times looks more like a play with tragic ending. The writer of this great play shouldn’t have been so cruel to this person whom I hated the most. By being so cruel to him, life has taught me not to hate anyone anymore no matter come what may. I pity that person and hope he will recover soon and lead a changed life.

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