Jaane tu…

Jaane Tu...

Jaane Tu...

“There is this boy and a girl. They are in love. For some reasons they aren’t able to express their feelings towards each other; some drama in between and some emotions floating around. Some gray characters, some dedicated friends. Lead lady decides to escape from the reality. Hero figures out its now or never! Climax in the airport! Some tears and a happy ending.” Yes what is new in this?

We have heard this story plenty of times in the past in so many different films. It’s either the airport or the railway station. It’s either the girl who runs behind the boy or the other way round. ‘Jaane Tu…’ is perfectly this. But the wonderful thing is, even with this story line, the film is a cute!

I have always liked Abbas as a scriptwriter. When I saw him in person during a workshop at FTII, I thought phew! he doesn’t seem to be too old for the kind of work he was doing! Ha… ha… anyway forget the personal story. But I felt that the film reflected the confidence and the belief Abbas had on his craft as a script writer and to some extent as a director (this film is his directorial debut) he has used all the clichés available of commercial cinema and still has succeeded in giving something fresh and proved the power of cinema.

It’s easy to say, Ah! It’s a clichéd film; it doesn’t leave you with anything while you walk out of the screen. But the fact is, it does leave you with a pleasant feeling in the end and that’s worth watching a film for me! Before I close, I should share a matter of pride for me about this film. Two of my seniors in FTII, Raghav Dar and Shaan Mohmad have been a part of this film as associate director and editor.

Do watch this film friend.

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3 Responses to Jaane tu…

  1. Ajit ಹೇಳುತ್ತಾರೆ:

    Cool, am excited to watch this movie after reading this. I have read a lot about the character of Ratna Pathak in this movie that how very different it’s from the typical filmy mom, is funny, warm and loving in the real sense.

  2. Tushar ಹೇಳುತ್ತಾರೆ:

    hi….u have forgot to mention manoj lobo’s name who shot the film when u mentioned ur other two seniors.

  3. abhayaftii ಹೇಳುತ್ತಾರೆ:

    Hi Tushar,
    Yes, Manoj Lobo, has done a very good work with the camera which I have left out in the write up. Thanks for bringing that to my notice. I am proud to be his junior in FTII. More and more films today have FTII pass outs as the entire team which is such a great feeling. It feels great to tell people that he / she are my senior / classmate / junior! Long live FTII!

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