Bhoot-ki-naath kahaan hai?



Ah! I saw Bhoot Naath!

After a long time, I found some time to catch up with some of the films which I wanted to watch but had missed them when they hit the screen. Bhootnaath was the latest one I saw in DVD.

It has bad script, bad direction, mostly bad acting, and looks like the film was conceived in great hurry and made as a mixture of some old English films and served in BR film format (the Baagbaan style!)

The ghost part of it is mostly copied (or shall I say inspired? Ha…Ha…) from so many Bhoot stories from Hindi cinema and from English cinema. Bhoot visible to selected one and having its wishes fulfilled (remember SRK, Naseeruddin film? I don’t remember the name right now though. Is it Chamatkaar?) and there are so many other films like this. Even while taking in plenty from those films, the script fails in more than one ways. Logic is one of them. If the Bhoot can so often beat drunken Antony so many times, hold the kid’s hand when he is in the hospital, can’t it just stretch its hand and stop him from falling down the stairs? Ah! If it had done so, we would have missed the clichéd hospital drama. Hell, script can’t be any weaker than this.

The director, script writer has surely forgotten his school days and depends on TV serials, other old films so the fun part in the school is really pathetic. We have seen this and yawned hundred times before!

The kid is cute. Big B is decent. But the script and direction is so that all these seem to be out of place. Big B desperately wants to act. But there is no scope for him. Why waste SRK for that cameo I don’t know. Well I can’t keep writing on this forgettable film. I know you have already either seen it or rejected it or didn’t dare watch it at all! So I rest here with my portion of story being told.

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1 Response to Bhoot-ki-naath kahaan hai?

  1. Ranjan SHam ಹೇಳುತ್ತಾರೆ:

    thanx abhayanaa for this review. No newspaper dared to give such a “nice” review.. i endured 150 mins fo this torturous film.

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