Sa… worry yaa…



After I saw this film, I am really worrying about market aspect of Indian film industry.

Finally, as yet another film which I had missed out earlier, I saw Saawariya. I had heard a lot of bad things about this film. I had been informed that this is sheer waste of time, waste of money etc. but honestly, I found this a good film! Yes, its not a classic. But it’s a good film. When this was released along with Om Shanti Om, there was a huge fight between these for market share. Om Shanti Om emerged as a winner. I am scared now. I saw Om Shanti Om as well. It is just another masala film. Where as Sanjay Leela Bansali’s Saawariya is a bold attempt in Indian cinema which was not appreciated by most of the people!

Sanyal Leela Bansali who is known for his larger than life sets, costume drama, chooses a story which suits his taste. Wise decision I must say. If the world blames you about converting any story in to a wonderland story, you choose a story from wonderland and say it in your style, it suits both the purposes! Nice.

The very plot of the story is very sweet. It’s a romantic story set in an imaginary city. The city has all its shades it has sex workers, it has various religions living together. It has train, it has good, bad people. It has work places, it has resting places. It has emotions; it has everything that a city would usually have. But yet in the minds of those who love, the city becomes a wonderland. No one other than them selves becomes important to them. That’s exactly how the story unveils it self in Saawariya.

Like most of SLB’s works, here too the camera work is a pleasure to watch. Music brilliantly used and the keen understanding of body movement, dance that SLB has is seen throughout the film.

It’s really disheartening that such a film was a flop. That such a film was not appreciated by the audience. Have we, the Indian filmmakers fed our audience so much muck that they have even lost the idea of good?

I really worry yaa…

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