Bachna Ae Haseenon

Bachna Ae Haseenon

We do have some genuine good actors who let their directors shape their characters in the film. It is because of this, the same actor look excellent, good, average, bad, and pathetic in various films. I started thinking about this when I saw Bachnaa Aee Hasino.

Ranbeen is a talented actor no doubt. Saawariya was a great platform for an actor like him to show his talent. SLB was a correct director with whom a talented boy could have started his career. Because, if BAH had to be his first, he would have not made any impression in the industry at all!

BAH has a story of a boy who falls in love and when she dumps him, realizes what might have gone through the hearts he had broken

in the past. The film becomes simple then. He has to go back and say sorry to the two broken hearts. Since he is the hero of the film, we know for sure that he is going to sing, dance, fight and win the hearts again. We also know that because of his goodness, the girl who had dumped him will come back. So what are we to expect in this film then? Actually nothing! Ha… ha… some grand locations, some jimi gib shots making no sense. Some strange logic (one of the best funny logic is, Raj has to drop this girl in some place before next morning. They start on a bike ride. And we see then dancing with bikers, people in the canteen, then we see them riding rollercoaster, stealing chocolate as they are hungry etc. God! If one could live 10 lives in one day!) BAH makes umpteen references to DDLJ. That was a good film and this is NOT. That too had some strange logics, high emotions etc. but it becomes a good film because it does what it does profoundly. But in BAH it’s an attempt to do what it is supposed to do. The emotions are missing. Good locations, good looking actors, great technicalities doesn’t make a film but a simple, good script can.  What says you?

So… friends, Bachnaa is film se…

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