Baseless boss

The Boss

The Boss

It was about 14000 feet above the ground that I watched Shivaji the boss! I was flying back from

New York to India when I watched Shivaji in the in-flight entertainment section. Was surprised the way the film has been scripted and shot. So here are some shocks transferred to you if you have missed this film. (If you have seen it already, I sympathies with you)


The legendary actor, Rajanikant is old now and it shows, he pumps in as much energy he could in to every single frame with the same old zeal to entertain his fans. The script is totally mindless. Most of the script writing theories go for a toss in this script. But still it is a super hit film! Why? Because people come to watch Rajani sir’s stunts and mannerisms. And I think it works.


Few years back when I was in Germany for some shooting, there was a small get together in one of our friend’s house. He was a German and had never been to India. While we were talking about Indian films, he knew about Hindi cinema. But when I asked what he knew about south Indian cinema, he said, he only knew Rajanikant. I was happy at least he knew something. He was very impressed by this kind of film. So I must say, it works.


Anyway, the usual stuff of Rajani who helps the poor and beats the rich works even here. There is a parallel love line of Rajani and these two tracks are inter-cut so illogically in most of the cases that they both stand separate till the end of the film. The stunts are not real etc… etc… but still the boss works with the masses. You cant challenge a hit film after all because its commercial film!

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4 Responses to Baseless boss

  1. skhalana ಹೇಳುತ್ತಾರೆ:

    you are right ! so many times even I have wondered how it works…but the bottom line is…it works !

  2. prasanna kumar k ಹೇಳುತ್ತಾರೆ:

    I think Rajanikanth is a hero of mass(not class) that is how such cenemas are hits. There is no wonder because the mass worship actors and pay least importence to the message

  3. Ram paw ಹೇಳುತ್ತಾರೆ:

    Boss was useless. But you have not mentioned any shocks.. Boy you have just ranted as anybosy.. Mentionining rajni s stopping of 10 people each by his hands (not only that, he even throws them off), would have given the laugh and the shock..

  4. jason kenny ಹೇಳುತ್ತಾರೆ:

    Interesting, but usual =)

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